Johanna Llin

Johanna Llin is a child educator and has a degree in special needs education.

However, as she has repeatedly noticed an unmet need for developmental support, not only in children, she has decided to educate herself autodidactically in relation to the nervous system and the psyche.

Through her own healing and developmental journey, she decided to develop her own form of emotional coaching with the Release Key/Awareness Key.

In cooperation with Katia Trost and her own experiences with the integration of neonatal reflexes, she has developed the neurotraining Neuropsychological Embodiment.

Her practice:

Katia Trost

Katia Trost is an alternative practitioner, trauma therapist and has completed further training as an INPP therapist.

With her healing and development method Integral Evolution, she has created a system that holistically addresses healing and developmental blockages. Metahormonix Pro (Geman website) is the basic module, which takes care of the regulation of metabolism and hormones. Neuropsychological Embodiment is another module of Integral Evolution, which takes care of the development of the nervous system and includes her own method of neurotraining.

After 10 years of experience, she now no longer works in her own practice, but only as a lecturer and developer of online products. Furthermore she does research on the further development of her method Integral Evolution. (German only)

Our mission

With Neuropsychological Embodiment, Katia Trost and Johanna Llin want to raise awareness of the fact that the nervous system is often treated as a “stepchild” in medicine and psychology, so that problems of the nervous system are often not recognized.

NPE deals with the diagnosis of gaps in the development of the nervous system and a special form of neurotraining to close these developmental gaps.