NPE Neurotraining

Find out more about the NPE neurotraining program.

Your way into our neurotraining

Your path to neurotraining begins with an initial consultation. In this consultation we will clarify whether neurotraining is currently appropriate for you.

If Neuropsychological Embodiment is the right training for you, we will take a detailed medical history, which includes functional testing of your nervous system. In the test part, we first assess the maturity of your neonatal reflexes, as well as your basal senses, muscle tone, body perception (proprioception) and vestibular apparatus (balance).

You will then be given your exercise program to perform at home.

A follow-up visit usually takes place every three months for adults, every two months for children. The entire program takes about one and a half to two years for adults, and about 9 to 12 months for children.

The initial goal is to achieve neuromotor maturity and integration of adult reflexes.

In addition, neurological development of the limbic system and frontal cortex is also promoted, as well as sensory and bilateral integration.

Appointments can be taken online or in person.

The training program


The neurotraining program of Neuropsychological Embodiment is designed to bring about maturation of the nervous system by means of a daily training program of physical exercises.

Such a training program consists of an individual program of daily exercises, which should be performed for about 5-10 minutes until the next follow-up appointment.

The trainee receives new exercises approximately every 3 months, children receive new exercises approximately after 2 months. Unlike the training of muscles, the nervous system can be trained only through relatively long periods of exercise. In return, the exercises themselves are performed only once and very slowly.


Can neurotraining cause initial aggravations?

Yes, this is a possibility in adults, while it is rare in children.

Therefore, you should not start neurotraining if your life is already full of unfinished projects. In order to clarify this, we conduct the initial consultation, among other things.

Incidentally, initial aggravations are normal in neurotraining, since old structures have to be dismantled and new structures are built up.

During this time, old symptoms can reappear and stress symptoms can also worsen.

However, the initial aggravation in neurotraining usually does not last longer than 1-2 weeks if the exercises have been implemented correctly.

In some cases, the neurotrainer also recommends further measures to counteract initial aggravations or reduces the training workload.

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Does neurotraining proceed differently in adults than in children?


  1. Exercises must be performed longer than in children (on average 1/3 of the time more)
  2. Initial aggravations are more frequent
  3. Psychotraumas like to show up, which is why neurotrainers working with adults should be trauma-sensitized in order to have the client be attended elsewhere, if necessary.
  4. Adults often have ingrained structures and rigidities that can hinder the execution of the exercise or even the testing which results in a more complex program
Can I have my health insurance pay for neurotraining?


Can I combine online appointments with in person appointments?


Can I study NPE as a practitioner?

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