Finding the start sequence

Katia Trost
2 Mar, 2022

Initial spark

One of the secrets of neurotraining is the importance of the initial spark, finding the initial sequence. This is a theme that neurotraining has in common with other methods that also seek to close developmental gaps, such as trauma therapy.

In other words, success will not be achieved if the person is not picked up exactly where he or she is, developmentally speaking. If you give people exercises that do not stimulate their nervous system, nothing happens. If you give them exercises that over-stimulate their nervous system, nothing happens either.

Neither under-stimulation nor over-stimulation is helped by simply doing the exercises more often or longer. It is simply a matter of finding the appropriate exercise that stimulates the nervous system in such a way that the appropriate impulses arrive in the nervous system to trigger development.

In order to find the initial sequence, the neurotrainer needs to understand the systematics of development as well as the individual situation of the person concerned.

Tests and feedback from the trainee provide the necessary information.

Closing developmental gaps

Developmental gaps are not closed if we do not start at the beginning and find the initial sequence.

If, on the other hand, we find the initial sequence, then further developmental gaps appear in a predetermined order, which also close according to a predetermined order, similar to a domino effect. If we find the initial sequence, nature takes its course and the nervous system begins to reboot itself.

On the graphic below is shown what can happen if the initial sequence is not found:

Kissing awake organ systems

The body is a wonderful invention. If necessary, it waits for a lifetime to activate initial sequences that are needed for healthy development.

This is also true not only for neurotraining, but also for the psyche, among other things, in that in every human being a perfectly designed attachment system is created from birth. If the parents do not bring this to life in childhood, the person is traumatized. But the good news is that adults can activate their attachment system themselves.

Even with hormone treatment, we have experienced that the body is waiting for its initial spark.

In neurotraining, the operating system can also get an update in adulthood.

The presence and search for initial sequences is not a coincidence, but a basic principle of nature and, if one is generally open to the idea that all energy is somehow organized, perhaps even a universal organizing principle: “According to the hypothesis of formative causation, not only is the form of organisms shaped by fields, but so is their behaviour. Behavioural fields, like morphogenetic fields, are organized in nested hierarchies. They co-ordinate the movements of animals through imposing rhythmic patterns of order on the probabilistic activities of the nervous system”1Sheldrake, Rupert. The Presence of the Past. Icon Books Ltd. kindle version.

To this end, consider the example of the mud wasp from nature. It instinctively knows how to build its nest out of mud. All mud wasps build their nests according to the exact same principle; they start building their nest with the exact same components and always stop with the exact same component. This is true even if the nest is damaged. The wasp always knows exactly how to restore the original state. This is due to so-called chreodes, which is nothing more than the initial sequence.

“Behavioural chreodes canalize behaviour towards particular end-points (often called consummatory acts), and like morphogenetic chreodes have an inherent capacity to adjust or regulate the process so that the end-point is achieved in spite of fluctuations and disturbances.”2Sheldrake, Rupert. The Presence of the Past. Icon Books Ltd. Kindle version.

Applied to us humans, this means that we not only have self-healing powers, but that they also know exactly what to do, provided the right initial sequence is found. Once the initial sequence has been found, the repair process unfolds by itself according to the genetic blueprint:

For this behavior, inherited through the species, “is a sequence of fixed action patterns, governed by behavioural chreodes. The end-point of each of these chreodes serves as the sign stimulus or germ structure for the next.”3Sheldrake, Rupert. The Presence of the Past. Icon Books Ltd. Kindle version.

Intuitive knowledge concerning the path

Thus, the principle of the initial sequence and the subsequent automatic unfolding of the perfect inner operational management seems to be an intuitive knowledge, which all living beings carry within themselves.

Some people have the feeling of “coming home” when the initial sequence has been found in them. Even the efforts of neurotraining or even initial aggravations do not change this. There is often a deep feeling of being on the right path.

Picture credits: own work /Canva

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